Website Clinic


Every first Wednesday of the month, I host a free live website clinic.

These clinics are short online meetings (30 minutes) where I review a website and answer website questions.

And if you’d like me to review your website, email me with your website address.
(The website will be drawn from all submissions).

I look forward to seeing you there!

Website Clinic

Wed, 7 December at 14:00 UK

Uta’s appraisal of how I represent myself online was very insightful

I was so glad that I took up Uta’s offer of a free website review at one of her most recent Website Clinics as I found her appraisal of how I represent myself online at the moment to be very insightful. Having a fresh pair of eyes look at my offering immediately created a concertina effect on my content allowing me to streamline my offer and make it more succinct and customer friendly. I now feel totally aligned behind my product and services and what I want to do with my brand going forward, many thanks to you Uta for your clear-sightedness and focussed approach to my offering.

Simon Blackler, Allies Of Nature, UK