Marketing for coaches: How to attract more clients

marketing for coaches - how to attract more coaching clients

Today I’m going to talk about marketing for coaches.  

Marketing is a topic that every coach will need to become an expert in if they want to grow their business.

A lot of coaches set up their coaching practice without any idea of how to get clients. What often is not taught in coaching school is how to build and market a coaching practice.

So the big question is “How do I get coaching clients?”

Getting clients is the most important element of succeeding with your coaching dream. If you don’t have clients, then you don’t have a coaching practice.

No matter whether you are a life coach, an executive coach, a relationship coach, a dating coach or a coach in another niche, the following points are important to think about when promoting your coaching practice.

There are a few key things that you need to do as a coach to be successful with marketing:

Make sure you have a solid business foundation before doing any marketing

Many coaches jump straight to promoting their coaching business without having their business foundation in place. So before investing money in marketing, there is some groundwork you need to do. You need to set up a solid foundation, or you might just be wasting your marketing efforts and money. Read on and learn more about marketing for coaches.

So before you jump to marketing make sure you have the following in place:

Your mindset: you have a BUSINESS

Yes, I know. You love coaching, and you probably enjoy it so much that you would do it for free BUT your coaching practice is a business. It’s not a hobby, and it’s not a charity. You are offering a valuable service that you should get paid for. However, you wouldn’t expect your dentist to give you a free service. Don’t you pay every other professional and business? And so, you also need to get paid a professional fee for your services.

You follow your Business North Star

Your Business North Star is the guiding star for your business. It’s the compass for your business, informed by your personal purpose. Your Business North Star is there to guide your way, keep you on track and show you where you need to go and what choices to make. Then you’ll know what’s aligned with your business and you – and what is not.

You know your target audience

Unless you know who your ideal coaching clients are and what their specific needs and wants are, you can’t do effective marketing. Often, coaches who are just starting out want to work with everyone. But this is not going to get you a full coaching practice. You need to choose a target audience – these are your people, the people who you serve.

You need to be clear on who your ideal client is and what problem you can help them solve. Once you have that clarity, you can start creating marketing materials that speak directly to your target audience.

Build relationships

Another important aspect of marketing for coaches is building relationships. You need to connect with other coaches and professionals in your field. These connections can lead to referrals and partnerships, which can help you grow your business.

Become an expert in your field

Potential clients need to know, like and trust you. They will only consider hiring you as their coach if they believe that you are the person who can help them. You need to work towards becoming an expert in your niche. It’s an important aspect of building trust and credibility with your people. And be patient – becoming an expert in your field is not going to happen overnight.

Have a professional website

You need to come across as professional for potential clients to hire you. So make sure that you have a professionally designed website, professional photographs, testimonials and social media profiles that represent you professionally. The keyword that underlies everything here is: professional.

Understand the value of your coaching services

You need to know what return on investment clients get from your coaching services. This will help you to see that you provide huge value. And then you need to be able to communicate that value to your prospective clients and price your offerings at a rate that is compelling to your people.

Have a strategy in place to stay in touch with your people

Generally, people won’t make the decision to hire you the first time they hear about you and visit your website. People need to know, like and trust you before they will consider hiring you. And trust is built over time. Therefore, you need to keep in touch with your prospective clients. Having an email list and sending out regular emails that provide value is absolutely necessary.

And when you have set up your business foundation, then you can begin to market your coaching practice.

Finally, you need to be consistent with your marketing efforts. You can’t just do a little bit here and there and expect to see results. marketing for coaches takes time and effort, but it will be worth it when you start seeing an influx of new clients.

Would you like some help with your website?

I design websites for coaches.

Contact me today to arrange a 30-min call to see how I could help you create a website that converts prospects to clients.

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